ShaFoLo – FAQ Bahasa

Apa itu ShaFoLo? ShaFoLo – Share Food Love! ShaFoLo adalah aplikasi yang membolehkan penggunanya berkongsi makanan mereka secara percuma atau menjualnya! Dengan paparan peta interaktif, pengguna dapat melihat makanan apa yang terdapat di kejiranan mereka, bukan sahaja restoran yang dikomersialkan, tetapi juga makanan buatan sendiri yang disiapkan oleh suri rumah tangga! Kongsikanlah makanan-makanan anda  kepada[…]

ShaFoLo – FAQ English

FAQ What is ShaFoLo? ShaFoLo – Share Food Love! ShaFoLo is an app that allows enthusiastic users to share their food for free or even sell them! With the interactive map view, user can see what food is available in their neighborhood, not only commercialized restaurants, but also hidden homemade food prepared by home chefs![…]



EROOM is officially launched! Yeah! Looking for property to rent or for rent is easier than ever now. We had integrated a map view with important filter features, that is interactive and easy to use! Never like before, you can experience a property rental function as easy as hotel searching website. We also help landlord[…]


About Us

As an owners-run and operated company founded by four friends, each specialize in their very own area of interest, the company aims to create apps and website that bring changes to everyone life. We wish to bring a change of perspective view of what people can actually do more with the internet, apps, and websites.[…]