20 August 2016

About Us


As an owners-run and operated company founded by four friends, each specialize in their very own area of interest, the company aims to create apps and website that bring changes to everyone life. We wish to bring a change of perspective view of what people can actually do more with the internet, apps, and websites. We aim to simplify daily life and help in growing business. We are open to great ideas and we give people the opportunities to start the ideas together. There is no stupid idea, every idea that comes up has their specific reason, and that is the reason why we listen, before judging. You might be the one changing the world! With us!

Currently we are on the way to GO-LIVE with two of our baby projects!

1)eroom.com.my -Rent out or find a place to rent in Malaysia. Absolutely free to list!

2)JOM Search – An area based search apps that help you find home-cook food! Deal with authentic local seller from home to home