21 August 2016


Let’s face it, how hard is it to find a room or a home that you desire? Upon graduating overseas, one of the founder of this company came back and started his career in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sure, Google is easy enough for us to find anything over the internet. Try by typing “room for rent in Kuala Lumpur”, and you get an endless list of search results. Of course there are already a few reputable room renting website available – some are free, some are listed by property agents, and some are just too shabby in description. The founder spent weeks trying to look for an affordable room with the facilities he required.


Most of the room listed are having incomplete description, and you have to call one by one to get it right. Some will tell you to call back later, some will tell you is only for a certain races, and the worst case is, when you finally thought you found what you desire, you are notified that they are from a property agent company, and you have to pay extra to get the room. What a waste of time, right?!

Inspired from this trouble himself, the founder, together with his partner, decided to kick start the EROOM project. We want to do something, we want to show that things could be done in an easy manner. We want to avoid people going through the same trouble we do. And exactly, that is why EROOM is a total free of charge listing website for room/property to rent. We want to make it as simple as possible, we know it is already difficult paying the rent, so why do we want another portion of this?

EROOM, featuring a table view, with simple tick and select filter such as price range, facilities and utilities available, gender & race preferences, agent related or not, and you can select what exact type of property are you looking for. We design it in a way, to help both the owner and tenant, not to miss out in providing these crucial details.


If you know your preferred location, there is also a map view available, where you can view room/property for rent in the nearby neighborliness, applying the same tick and select filter like the table view.

We think from your point of view, after filtering what you like and the price range, you can click into the link and have a read on the details. In fact, you may contact the owner directly, the way of contact is provided by the owner, you do not need to go through us!

As for the owner, we make it a step by step guide for you to fill in the details, no confusion or any miss out of the important information. Avoid massive of phone call coming in asking the same question over and over again.

So, start now! Try www.eroom.com.my

P/S: Coming soon in SG