4 July 2018


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Everyday I’m ShaFoLo~~~

What is ShaFoLo? It is an intuitive app designed by our own team, aiming to reduce food wastage in the community. Imagine the situation where you are a passionate chef, you baked a cake over the weekend, but is just you alone, and you know jolly well, you cannot finish the cake. What do you do? According to survey, most people will give up the idea of baking. But if you continue, what happen to the extra portion?

Now, you be the chef, we do the marketing. By using ShaFoLo, you can actually share them for free, or sell them at a price. Your neighbour will see it and why not share it?

We also aim for entrepreneurs, who has a special recipe and before setting up a shop, they would like to see the market response. You may start cooking and selling them during your free time, be your own celebrity home-chefs!

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